Unwind | Unwind

Rattle Records 2017

Original music composed by Norman Meehan, Hayden Chisholm and Paul Dyne

Hayden Chisholm – saxophone, throat singing, shruti box

Paul Dyne – bass

Norman Meehan – piano

Recorded by Thomas Voyce at St. Andrew’s on the Terrace, Wellington, 2017

New Zealand Musician said:

Nominated for Best Jazz Album at the NZ Music Awards, ‘Unwind’ is a rarity, an album that works well both as background music, or as the main focus. However, repeated listens to pick up on the many nuances in the performances and instrumentation prove continually rewarding.

And Graham Reid, on his wonderful site Elsewhere, had this to say:

So from its title and opening overs, Unwind invites you in to its world without haste, a place where ambient Art Music fends off New Age vacuousness by virtue of thoughtfulness and emotional depth.

Thank you, Graham.

Available from Rattle Records